Cherry Point Building 159 Roof Evaluation

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) | MCAS Cherry Point Base, Havelock, NC


Atlas Engineering was brought on by Aptim Government Solution, LLC and with help of OLM Environmental, LLC, Atlas came out to the MCAS Cherry Point base to perform fieldwork and asbestos inspection/sampling collection.

The site contained roofs over five large bays and a roof over a penthouse. All of those were inspected by measuring, taking photos, sketching details of unique areas, and taking core samples. Sever different types of roofing systems were identified base on the core compositions and review of deck from the interior of the building. Each core sample was sent to a lab for asbestos analysis and each location the cores were taken from was repaired by Atlas Engineering. In addition to coring, the data such as measurements, photos, and sketches collected on site was later reviewed and assessed by the professional engineers back at the office.

The deficiencies were grouped into different types such as delamination, wind damage, damaged roof decking, clogged drains, etc. Total of 25 deficiencies were found. The goal of inspection was to accumulate enough information about the roofs to identify deficiencies responsible for roof leaks and deficiencies that will potentially affect roof performance in the near future. In addition, the roof's performance was assessed in order to recommend substantial repair or total replacement.

As a result, Atlas issued a report that described the existing conditions, observed deficiencies, and recommendations of repair or roof replacement.