Robins Air Force Base Structural Evaluation

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) | Robins Air Force Base, Georgia


Atlas Engineering was retained by APTIM on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as part of a facility conditions assessment program. DLA manages the entire logistical supply system for all of the Department of Defense, utilizing a vast range of warehouses and distribution centers to move the material necessary for the various branches of service. Atlas was asked to conduct a structural evaluation and analysis for one of DLA’s large-scale warehouses located in Robins Air Force Base near Warner Robins, Georgia. Atlas performed the evaluation in two phases. The first phase consisted of an initial recon of the site to evaluate the facility for any immediate, life-safety structural deficiencies and to categorize any non-life threatening structural deficiencies. Following a report generated for DLA, Atlas was retained again to conduct an in-depth analysis of the observed deficiencies to determine the root cause of the issue, document the impacts, and develop prioritized recommendations for repair. Deficiencies observed included building envelop and water intrusion issues, exterior overhead canopies that did not meet modern wind code, and potentially sub-standard structural modifications completed for a previous HVAC project. The final report will be used as part of DLA’s Facility Conditions Assessment program to plan capital improvement budgeting and correct the deficiencies observed.