Christenbury Memorial Gym Roof Replacement

East Carolina University | Greenville, NC


The Christenbury Memorial Gym is a historic building located on East 10th Street on ECU's Main campus. It is primarily used for office space and reserve officer training corps. The building consists of three main sections. Section A, the gym/court area. Section B, the pool. Section D, the office area.

The owner requested replacing all of the existing roof system and install additional hatch over at Roof Section D. In addition, replacing existing copper conductor heads at north side of Roof Section A.

Due to limited budget and time schedule, it was decided to install new roof over the Roof Section D only. In addition, Atlas recognized an issue of standing water parapet walls of Roof Section A. The standing water occurred due to inadequate size of the existing scuppers. As a result, enlarging existing scuppers was added to the scope of work.

Since Christenbury is a historic building, the owner requested to replicate the existing copper conductor head design. Atlas contacted Precision Metals in Benson, NC, who not only were able to replicate the original design, but were able to salvage original number pieces that showed construction year of 1950.

To ensure minimum obstruction to pedestrian traffic, Atlas carefully planned the staging and roof access. Primary pedestrian walkways and handicap accesses were not affected.