Courthouse/Post Office Roof Replacement

Town of Chapel Hill, NC | Town of Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC


The Town of Chapel Hill Courthouse/Post Office is a multi-story building divided into three roof sections totaling approximately 9,120 square feet in area. A wood cupola supported by metal framing is located on the roof section at the front of the building. The exterior of the building is comprised of historic masonry with limestone cornice and accents. The existing roof system comprised of modified bitumen membrane over rigid insulation on a tongue-and-groove wood roof deck was replaced by a fully adhered thermoplastic membrane, over coverboard, rigid insulation, and gypsum thermal barrier on the existing deck.
Atlas was contracted by the Town to provide design, bidding assistance, and CA for roof replacement, wall/cornice repairs, entrance repairs, and cupola repair. The building is classified as historic, and Atlas worked with the historical society to maintain the original look and function.
During fieldwork, Atlas discovered the existing wood at the cupola was severely deteriorated and the exterior paint contained lead. Therefore, Atlas’s design called for replacement of majority of the wood, with all new wood to match the existing profile and color to maintain the original look. Additionally, significant termite damage was uncovered during tear-off of the existing roof system. Atlas was able to provide in-house structural evaluation and repair design for the damage observed. This allowed roof replacement to continue as structural issues were being addressed, in turn saving the owner time and money.