Ligon Middle School Gym Roof Replacement

Wake County Public Schools System | Raleigh, NC


The Ligon Middle School gymnasium was originally constructed in 1953 and had a 12,600sf modified bitumen roof system with a granular-surfaced cap ply on the central flat area and foil-faced flashing on the sloped sides. School personnel reported a long history of roof leaks and significant damage to the underside of the exposed roof deck. Water entry and debris from the underside of the deck impacted the use and maintenance of the gymnasium space and wood flooring. Significant ponding was present on the central roof area and approximately 50% of the roof system was saturated.

Atlas designed single-ply PVC membrane replacement roof systems. This allowed for watertight transitions at slope changes and gutter detailing while providing resistance to damage from standing water. At the sloped sections of the gymnasium, extruded ribs were heat welded to the membrane to provide the aesthetics of a standing seam metal roof system. Evaluation of the roof deck at the gymnasium concluded that the damages observed were not structural in nature and the deck was able to remain in place with a retrofit liner installed on the interior to improve aesthetics and prevent falling debris.

The project is currently in the construction phase.