Ligon Middle School Roof Replacement

Wake County Public Schools System | Raleigh, NC


The original gymnasium building was constructed around 1953. The existing 12,600 sf area to be replaced had a low-sloped granular-surfaced two-ply modified bitumen membrane on the central area and a foil-faced two-ply modified bitumen membrane on the sloped roof areas. School personnel reported a history of roof leaks and there was a significant amount of apparent damage to the underside of the roof deck that had resulted in some small debris dropping onto the gymnasium floor. A roof evaluation performed years before indicated that there was moisture present in the insulation on over 50% of the roof area at that time and had recommended replacement.

The project scope incorporated full removal of the existing roof system and replacement with a new system. Issues with the roof deck damage were identified and evaluated to determine if replacement of the deck or other actions must be taken to address the current condition.

Atlas provided the Owner with two options and their related costs. The project is currently in the construction phase.