Ragsdale Hall Emergency Structural Repairs

East Carolina University | Greenville, NC


ECU retained Atlas Engineering to design a re-roofing project for Ragsdale Hall. The initial scope of work included the design of fall-protection anchors as part of the re-roofing effort. During fieldwork for the anchor design, our structural engineers found serious and widespread structural deficiencies in the existing roof framing system. These conditions included improper original construction, decay damage, unreliable and broken connections, and deformation of the roof.

Engineers from Atlas Engineering, ECU, and the NC State Construction Office met at the site and agreed that emergency repairs were needed promptly to stabilize the roof framing system; and that more extensive structural upgrades would be required before a new roof was installed. ECU asked Atlas Engineering to begin design drawings for the emergency repairs. Within 2 weeks, Atlas had finished the emergency repair design and obtained approval. Atlas performed regular site inspections during the emergency repairs to ensure the building was stabilized until permanent repairs were completed.