Emergency Response

Disaster Site Engineering

We provide engineering support during disasters. Three of our engineers hold Federal certifications as engineer first-responders for rescue and recovery operations and are on-call with Federal and State agencies including DHS/FEMA, US Chemical Safety Board, NC Department of Transportation, and NC Emergency Management. Our engineers are trained and equipped for same-day deployment with these agencies, and with them we have served on the front lines at hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, industrial accidents, and chemical and gas blast sites.

Our engineers are also experts at hazard assessment at severely damaged facilities. We assess the damage, help set priority actions, develop safety protocols for site entry, and escort investigators and repair specialists into hazardous areas so they can do their work in safety. We also design emergency shoring, stabilization, and temporary repairs that can stop or reduce on-going damage.

Atlas Engineering is uniquely qualified to assist both governmental and private-sector clients in the hours and days after disaster, and help our clients make the first steps toward recovery and reconstruction.

Recent Projects

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Disaster Site Safe-Entry Consultation

Post Hurricane Emergency Work

Structural Repair at Marine Laboratory

Fertilizer Plant Industrial Blast

Randall Library Emergency Structural Repair